In order to enjoy the right to vote, citizens must be registered in their parish of residence.

The changes in the voter registration (RE) admitted by law no. 47/2008, of August 27, have the following implications.

National Citizens

Citizens of Portuguese nationality holding a Citizen’s Card (CC) are automatically registered in the parish corresponding to the address they have indicated at the time the CC was requested.

Citizens with a valid Identity Card (BI) who have never registered in the RE are automatically enrolled in the parish indicated in the BI.

The 17-year-olds are also enrolled in the RE, and can vote if they have reached the age of 18 at the time of the electoral act. (See Parish Council of Residency).

Citizens with a valid BI who have never updated the RE to the parish of residence can do so in the parish council indicated in the BI

Foreign Citizens

Foreign nationals of the European Union (EU) and other foreigners resident in Portugal (ER) over 17 years of age, residing in the national territory, must register in the RE in the commissions of enumerators corresponding to the address indicated in the valid Residence Title, or SEF.

EU – encompasses the 28 EU countries.

ER – Argentina, Brazil, Cape Verde, Chile, Estonia, Israel, Norway, Peru, Uruguai, Venezuela.

Check your voter’s number as well as the parish where you vote, here: www.portaldoeleitor.pt