Within the scope of Lisbon’s administrative reorganization, the Arroios Parish Council has acquired responsibilities in the area of ​​education, particularly in the conservation and repair of elementary education establishments, preschool, public nurseries and kindergartens, as well as in the Management of specific resources for these establishments (educational actiona agents and auxiliaries).

This Parish Council supports, encourages and collaborates with the various educational institutions that exist in Arroios and promotes its own educational projects and initiatives under the premise of an inclusive and intercultural quality education.

Arroios is characterized by its linguistic and cultural diversity, with about 80 nationalities sharing this place. The schools in this parish, such as non-tertiary education, which include nurseries, kindergartens and Elementary, Middle and High schools, reflect the permanent multicultural coexistence visible in the tens of languages ​​of its children and teenagers.

Education for linguistic and cultural diversity is therefore valued by this Parish Council, seeking to guarantee freedom, tolerance and acceptance of difference, in a community that is desired to be inclusive.

In the area of ​​public education, the Arroios Parish Council directly oversees two school groups and a non-group secondary school, the Agrupamento de Escolas Luís de Camões and the Escola Secundária de Camões.

There are also dozens of private educational institutions in this area of ​​the city of Lisbon, from kindergartens to colleges and vocational schools, as well as university teaching institutions such as NOVA Medical School | Faculdade de Ciências Médicas (NMS|FCM), or the Military Academy.

Componente de Apoio à Família (CAF)

The Componente de Apoio Familiar (CAF) is a social response funded by the Lisbon City Council, in which the sponsoring entity is the Parish Council, which has the partnership of the school groups. This aid is aimed at families and children attending the Sampaio Garrido Elementary School, the Leão de Arroios and the EB Nº1 de Arroios.

Atividades de Animação e Apoio à Família (AAAF)

The Atividades de Animação e Apoio à Família (AAAF) are a subsidized response by the Lisbon City Council for pre-school students, namely for the Jardim Infantil da Pena.

This aid, with its price list based on the scale of the school social action service, allows for the morning reception and the afternoon extension of children during non-school hours. During the period of operation of the CAF and the AAAF different activities are carried out. This response also works during the vacation period, ensuring the daily stay of children from 8 am to 7 pm in the educational interruption period.

Atividades de Enriquecimento Curricular (AEC)

The Atividades de Enriquecimento Currícular (AEC) contribute to the general enrichment of elementary students, thus complementing the program of curricular subjects. Lisboa Ginásio Clube and Neves & Couto de Sousa – Promoção de Actividades Educativas Lda., association of the Agrupamento Escolar Nuno Gonçalves and the Agrupamento Escolar Luis de Camões respectively, are carried out by two entities. The Arroios Parish Council is the promoter of the Elementary Schools Sampaio Garrido and O Leão de Arroios.

Intervir para o Futuro

Intrevir para o Futuro is an educational project of this Parish Council directed at children and young people living in the parish of Arroios who attend elementary and middle school. Its mission is to provide an educational and playful activities, which provides a broad and coherent development of the personality of children and young people, contributing to the formation of their citizenship and promoting inclusive school success.

There are several Intrevir para o Futuro assets, among them the playroom, an accompanying study room, a computer room and a multipurpose room, also known as an art room.

This project is the exclusive responsibility of the Arroios Parish Council  and works from 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. in school hours and from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at non-school time, at Rua Martim Vaz, nº 42, 1º Esq.

Registration can be made at the office branches of the Arroios Parish Council, by presenting the children’s vaccination report, the National Health Service card or any subsystem, the identification documents of the child and his / her household, and by filling a registration form with a photograph.

Opening Hours
School Year: 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Holidays: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Phone Number: 913 746 867
Email: geral@jfarroios.pt
Address: Rua Martim Vaz, n.º 42, 1.º esquerdo – 1150-223 Lisboa.



Here you can find public schools up to High School level in the Arroios parish for knowledge and consultation.

Agrupamento Escolar Nuno Gonçalves
Escola EB 2.3 Nuno Gonçalves
Address: Av. General Roçadas, 40 | 1170-163 LISBOA
Phone Number: 218147 488  / 218 151 107
E-mail: aeng@nunogoncalves.com
Website: aenunogoncalves.net

Note: The Escola EB 2.3 Nuno Gonçalves is located outside the parish, however it is mentioned here because it is the headquarters school of the Agrupamento Escolar Nuno Gonçalves.


Jardim de Infância da Pena
Address: Rua do Saco, 1 -R/C | 1150-283 LISBOA
Phone Number: 218 864 039  |  Telm.: 934349954

Elementary Schools

Escola Básica N.º 1 de Lisboa
Address: Largo da Escola Municipal | 1150-283 LISBOA
Phone Number: 218 820 119

Escola Básica Sampaio Garrido
Address: Praça das Novas Nações | 1170-277 LISBOA
Phone Number: 218 148 310

High School| Secondary | Professional

Escola Secundária Dona Luísa de Gusmão
Address: Rua da Penha de França | 1199-011 LISBOA
Phone Number: 218 161 160 ou 218 161 161

Agrupamento Escolar Luís de Camões
Escola EB 2.3 Luís de Camões
Address: Av. Padre Manuel da Nóbrega, 15 | 1000-223 Lisboa
Phone Number: 218 429 540 / 927 980 911
E-mail: sec.luisdecamoes@gmail.com
Website: aeluisdecamoes.wixsite.com/home

Note: The Escola EB 2.3 Luís de Camões is located outside the parish, however it is mentioned here because it is the headquarters school of the Agrupamento Escolar Luís de Camões.

Elementary Schools

Escola Básica O Leão de Arroios
Address: Largo do Leão | 1000-188 Lisboa
Phone Number: 218 461 685 / 927 980 959
E-mail: escolaoleaodearroios@gmail.com

Escola Secundária de Camões
Phone Number: 213 190 380
E-mail: secretaria@escamoes.pt
Website: www.escamoes.pt