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Once upon a time, numerous water courses crossed this place. The name “Arroios” evokes those waterways that existed here and that live on in the names of the streets of the parish. Arroios was not always a single parish – the current situation resulted from the merger of the former parishes of the Anjos, Pena and São Jorge de Arroios.

The settlement of this territory grew next to the first two central spots, the Igreja dos Santos Anjos (1551) and the Convento de Santana (1562). Fertile lands, abundant in water, established populations and many convents were installed here, most of which were later converted, after the extinction of the Religious Orders, into hospital equipment.

The opening of the Avenida Almirante Reis forced the urbanization of the nearby farms, and the Andrade, Inglaterra, Açores and Colónias neghborhoods, known for their thematic toponymy, were set aside for the petty bourgeoisie who worked in the surrounding area. Immigration brought major population changes to the area, nowadays being one of Lisbon’s areas of greater interculturality, which has been the framing device for the zone’s urban rehabilitation.