The Arroios Parish Council offers some services that seek to improve the living conditions of the residents of the parish.

For more information, you can contact the social action team, through the general contacts of the Parish Council.

Arroios Arranja 

Arroios Arranja is a free service of small domestic repairs, such as replacing a lamp or faucet, aimed at the elderly population (> 55 years) resident in the parish.

Acumpunctura Urbana 

Acumpuntura Urbana is a service of small interventions to improve housing conditions, aimed at residents in the parish with economic and social needs.

An example of the repair work included in this service is the punctual repair of interior coverings, painting, replacement of a sanitary installation or exchange of a bathtub by a shower base.

Fogos Municipais 

Fogos Municipais is a project of the delegation of the Lisbon City Council that seeks to improve the housing conditions of households living in municipal fires, that is, in houses of the Lisbon City Council. In this way, the Arroios Parish Council makes minor repairs in order to maintain and preserve this heritage.