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Promoting community intervention projects in areas of social intervention, supporting cultural activities, taking care of green spaces and ensuring the cleanliness of the sidewalks are just some of the objectives of the Arroios Parish, whose structure ensures a set of services to support the population. It results from the joining of three former parish councils, Anjos, Pena and São Jorge de Arroios, which now part of a unique territory with a unique identity.

Some of these tasks are responsibilities that come from the Administrative Reform, which reduced the number of parishes, but at the same time increased their responsibilities in the management of what is intended for common public use.

The Arroios Parish Council presents itself with the mission of contributing actively to the quality of life not only of those who build a family here, but of all its residents. To support and stimulate all those who develop business in the parish, ensuring at the outset their access to the services that the autarchy provides. As well as, develop relevant strategies with a global and local vision, for the integration of all who contribute to this place with their experience and life stories.

Because proximity to the population is structural in the development of the work of the Arroios Parish, there are several office branches serving the public, distributed throughout the territory, which provide all necessary services to the population: Anjos office branch, Pena office branch, S. Jorge de Arroios office branch, Saldanha office branch and the headquarters, in Largo do Intendente Pina Manique.

In the search for the valuation of the parish through new projects, the Administration of the Arroios Parish Council meets in an ordinary session every third Monday of each month, so that the council members present new proposals to the other members of the administration, and together they can discuss matters for approval. Frequently, the proposals must also follow for approval by the Arroios Parish Assembly.


O Executivo eleito para a Junta de Freguesia de Arroios é constituído por uma presidente, um tesoureiro e um secretário, acompanhados de quatro vogais para as mais variadas áreas de intervenção, que gerem os destinos deste lugar.

Margarida Martins
PS – Partido Socialista


Margarida Martins underwent several professional experiences before embarking on a career in Public Relations in the 80’s.

In 1992, she founded Abraço, the first private, non-profit institution directed to the support of HIV-positive people, which has become an association of worldwide reference.

After 21 years in front of Abraço, Margarida left the leadership of the association to embrace the challenge as president of the Arroios Parish Council. She aims to promote the multicultural identity of Arroios and puts at the service of the population all her experience in social work


Social Initiative | Health
Culture | Sport
Marketing | Communication
Green spaces
Overall coordination
Education | Youth

António Bacalhau
PS – Partido Socialista


Having resided in Arroios as a university student, António Bacalhau returned to the territory to be part of the Parish Assembly, between 2009 and 2013, as an independent, representing the Socialist Party. Believing that civic participation is important, he joined the winning list in the last elections and accepted the challenge of assuming the role of Treasurer. With a professional career in the private sector, in the area of corporate financial information systems, he aims to contribute in his area and in all he can to improve living conditions in Arroios.


Privacy Policy | Mobility

Ana Santos
PS – Partido Socialista


With basic background in History, Ana Santos embraced the area of Documentation supported by a post-graduate degree in Documentary Sciences. Organization and information were always present in the professional activity she developed, especially in the last 23 years. The conviction that there is more in the world other than work has been punctuating her long walk with the active participation in voluntary initiatives. In Human Resources, Ana Santos will be able to put her knowledge and commitment to the good management of this area.


Human Resources
Civil Protection

João Veríssimo
PS – Partido Socialista


Born in Lisbon on June 3, 1978, João Veríssimo lived all his life in the extinct parish of S. Jorge de Arroios. He holds a degree in architecture from the Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade Técnica de Lisbon, having worked as a liberal professional until 2013, in the field of civil architecture and equipment design, interior design and urban planning. He was a member of the Parish Assembly of S. Jorge de Arroios, which he chaired from 2011 to 2013, in the realm of local authorities, a movie buff and a sports enthusiast.


Public Space
Urban Hygiene

Fernando Ricardo
Council Member
PS – Partido Socialista


Graduated with a Master’s Degree in Law from the Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Lisbon. Fernando Ricardo holds the Department of Commerce and Regulations in the Arroios Parish Council. Main objectives: through the Trade Support Office, to monitor, streamline and develop economic activity in the parish, in conjunction with the other members of the Administration.



Maria Adélia Caixinha
Council Member
PS – Partido Socialista


Maria Adélia Caixinha was invited to participate as an independent on last elections’ winning list and accepted the proposed challenge to join the current administration. Born in Mozambique, she has been involved in various volunteer activities throughout her life, as well as having served as a teacher while still an adolescent. In her professional career, she worked in the public sector, where she was responsible for coordination and taxation. Maria hopes to continue to be able to contribute positively with the professional and civic experience that she has, promoting the achievement of the objectives that the parish proposes, namely, to guarantee a service that meets the needs of the community and in all that is within her reach to improve the living conditions of everyone in Arroios.




Rui Cordeiro
Council Member
PAN – Pessoas Animais e Natureza


Rui Jorge Cordeiro, who was soon linked to local authorities, either as a youth monitor or as a trainer in areas such as information technology, journalism and video. He was part of the Parish Assembly of Anjos, developing cultural initiatives in the parish. He was also the president of one of the parish’s recreational clubs. At this moment, elected by PAN as head of the list, seeks to develop and follow everything that relates to nature and animal life. His interest in this area came very early and he can now help to implement projects related to this subject in the parish. Born and raised in Arroios, he lives and works in the territory, which allows him to get to know the parish deeply. Within the motto of the campaign, one could say that “Arroios – It’s all of us” and, to fulfill this motto, Rui Cordeiro will do everything to dignify the voters and PAN’s bet on him in Arroios.




Washing sidewalks and streets, repairing street furniture and licensing the occupation of the public thoroughfare are just some of the responsibilities of the Arroios Parish Council

Since Lisbon’s administrative organization (Law 56/2012 of November 8), amended by Law no. 85/2015, of August 7, that maintenance and cleaning of public spaces, management and maintenance of equipment, proximity licensing , housing and community intervention, became the responsibility of the Arroios Parish.

The Arroios Parish Council preserves the pedestrian pavements, ensures the cleaning of roads and public spaces, gutters and sinks. It repairs and replaces urban furniture, preserves the good condition of fountains, and maintains green spaces, ensuring the aesthetic and functional uniformity of these public areas. It preserves and repairs horizontal and vertical signalling, as well as acquiring and maintaining toponymical plates, which are fundamental for geographical reference and, on the other hand, perpetuating the history of places.

It is also the responsibility of the Arroios Parish Council to manage, maintain and repair social, cultural, sports and educational facilities at a local level. Construction and management of playgrounds, changing rooms, lavatories and public toilets is also its responsibility. Licensing to occupy the public thoroughfare, display advertising of commercial nature or authorization for noisy activities of a temporary nature, are some of its valences.

Dogs and cats must be registered and licensed by the Parish Council. Registration allows authorities to monitor the number of dogs with the owner and licensing ensures that the animals have the vaccines up to date and pose no danger to the community.

Placing of improvised enclosures or occasional encampment in the public space, peddling of lottery, or exercise of activity as an usher of automobiles, requires licensing in the Arroios Parish Council. As well as the realization of sporting and entertainment shows in open air public places, exploration of automatic machines (automatic, mechanical, electrical or electronic) for entertainment, and sale of tickets in agencies for its respective activities.

It is part of the Arroios Parish Council’s responsibilities to ensure the management and current maintenance of fairs and markets. Promote and execute community intervention projects in the areas of social initiative, culture, education and sport, as well as support cultural and sports activities of interest to the parish. And cooperate with institutions of social solidarity, programs and projects of social initiative within the parish.

Contributing to municipal housing policies, through the identification of housing shortages and the implementation of specific interventions to improve living conditions, are responsibilities that are also under the jurisdiction of the Arroios Parish. It is still within its reach to define special criteria in rehousing procedures.


Conservation and maintenance of commonly accessed urban areas are some of the planned or punctual activities of the Department of Public Space of the Arroios Parish, which aims to guarantee quality streets, avenues, squares and parks.

Due to this, the Public Space team deals with the conservation of pedestrian pavements and re-evaluation of degraded sidewalks for comfort and safety of passers-by. It repairs urban furniture for comfort of the population. It repaints crosswalks, repairs damaged pylons and preserves signs, because road safety is an important part. And it ensures the acquisition, placement and maintenance of toponymical plates, fundamental in the delimitation of spaces and also in learning the values ​​and memory of each place.

It repairs and replaces urban furniture, preserves the good condition of fountains, and maintains green spaces, ensuring the aesthetic and functional uniformity of these public areas.

The state of the pavement of the street lanes, traffic lights and public lighting, in turn are the responsibility of the Lisbon City Council.

Since the public space belongs to everyone, it is also a citizen’s duty to preserve and conserve it, through care in the handling and use of equipment and urban furniture, for example. And whenever it is justified, solicit a request for intervention to the Parish Council or Lisbon City Council.

You can notify about public spaces that require an intervention directly through the “Na Minha Rua” online portal, by sending an email to espacopublico@jfarroios.pt and geral@jfarroios.pt, or calling the number 218 160 970 with the situation statement, referring the location, door number or point of reference, and your contacts. Or in person, in one of the several office branches of the Arroios Parish.


If you have ever seen a brigade with shiny vests, rubber boots and gloves in the streets of the parish, accompanied by machines that scan and clean the floor, that’s the Urban Hygiene team of the Arroios Parish.

The Urban Hygiene team walks the streets of the parish to scan, wash and descale the sidewalk. They empty paper bins, remove unwanted weeds, and pick up animal waste. They wash the streets, clean unclogged gutters, and clean public toilets and bathrooms.

Sweeping cars, blowers and brushcutters are among the modern equipment that the team has for a thorough hygiene of the parish. The Urban Hygiene team aims to sweep each set of confined streets approximately five times a week and wash it monthly.

The Arroios Parish Council, in association with the municipality, is betting on urban hygiene initiatives, focusing on awareness mechanisms, activities, areas or spaces that presuppose means and approaches of greater specificity.

With the dedicated work on the part of the Arroios Parish Council, it is up to the population to adopt and educate the neighbor with exemplary citizenship behaviors, such as not throwing cigarette butts to the ground, collecting dog waste, not feeding the pigeons, putting out garbage just at the time of collection, among other small but big attitudes that make all the difference.

Arroios is also yours, keep it clean!


Identifying and working in association with all entities based in and/or developing their work in the territory of Arroios is the objective of the Arroios Parish Social Commission, which was formally constituted on January 23, 2014, under Lisbon’s Local Council of Social Initiative.

Through the diagnosis of the parish’s main needs, traced and participated by all, working groups were created, with specific problems that, through an optimization of resources and wishes, meet the resolution or reduction of the main problems identified. Currently, there are four working groups: Vulnerable Groups; Education, Training and Employability; Childhood, Youth and Prevention; and Active Aging, Safety and Mobility.

See here the list of institutions formalized in the Arroios Parish Social Commission.


Trees are not only beautiful to contemplate, they can also provide shade, shelter birds and even lower the ambient temperature of the streets. In addition to trees, the seven gardens of Arroios guarantee fresh water in drinking fountains, benches for resting and playgrounds where children can play.

In order to keep these green spaces in good condition, the Arroios Parish Council manages and maintains, taking care of the pruning of trees, replanting of plants and maintenance of irrigation systems, among others.

Come and see the green spaces of this place.

The Arroios Parish Council now offers an innovative online platform – Trees of Arroios – that gives access to a map of the trees in the parish. Access this platform here.

  • Jardim do Largo do Mastro | foto: Augusto Fernandes
    Largo do Mastro
  • Jardim Miradouro do Monte Agudo | foto: Joao Nelson Ferreira
    Miradouro do Monte Agudo
  • Jardim Largo de Arroios | foto: Augusto Fernandes
    Jardim do Largo de Arroios
  • Jardim Antonio Feijo | foto: Augusto Fernandes
    Jardim António Feijó
  • Jardim Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo | foto: Augusto Fernandes
    Jardim Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo
  • Jardim Henrique Lopes de Mendonca | foto: Joao Nelson Ferreira
    Jardim Henrique Lopes de Mendonça
  • Jardim Cesario Verde | foto: Joao Nelson Ferreira
    Jardim Cesário Verde
  • Jardim Braancamp Freire | foto: Joao Nelson Ferreira
    Jardim Braamcamp Freire
  • Jardim Constantino | foto: Joao Nelson Ferreira
    Jardim Constantino
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