The +Arroios Card is a social response of the Parish Council that seeks to reduce bureaucracy and facilitate access to support considered essential to residents of the parish who are in need or are in a social emergency situation.

Focused on a policy of proximity, it is sought by assigning this card to alleviate serious situations of need, always with the perspective of making this support transitory or of short duration.

There are several services included in this card, from legal advice to the distribution of food and confectioned meals, through support in the reimbursement of prescription drugs. In these cases, the Parish Council assures 50% of the amount not reimbursed by the National Health Service.

Also the exemption of fees in activities promoted by the Council, access to the Office of Psychology of the Parish Council and the possibility of accessing stomatology consultations for cases in which oral health is representing a serious problem at the level of social inclusion are some of the services that the recipient has available with the +Arroios Card.

For more information about the +Arroios Card, you can use the address geral@jfarroios.pt, the telephone number 218 160 970, or simply by going to the headquarters or one of the office branches of the Arroios Parish Council.

Check here the list of pharmacies where you can use the +Arroios Card:

Portugal Pharmacy

Silmar Pharmacy

Morais Soares Holon Pharmacy

Silva Pinto Pharmacy

Confiança Pharmacy

Guerra Pharmacy

Cruz Nunes Pharmacy

Jaime de Matos Pharmacy

Peninsular Pharmacy

Romano Batista Pharmacy

Colonial Pharmacy

Estefânia Pharmacy

Salutar Pharmacy

Mundial Pharmacy