The Arroios Parish Council carried out the rehabilitation of the Travessa das Recolhidas and Travessa de São Bernardino streets between June and September 2017, within the scope of a delegation agreement with the Lisbon City Council. Placing new pavements, improving the accessibility of the area with the installation of a non-slip floor aisle, placing new benches and planting new trees were some of the project assumptions, as well as creating new parking spaces.

At the beginning of the project, following the demolition of the pavement, a drainage system was detected in the domestic sewage, obsolete and unable to withstand the current drainage and sanitation needs due to its small size and poor state of conservation. It was then necessary to adjust the project and work to provide this site with a modern sewer system.

The rehabilitation of these bystreets included the resurfacing of the sidewalks that connect to Alameda Santo António dos Capuchos and Travessa Cruz da Carreira with mixed sidewalk. The Arroios Parish Council also proceeded to the recovery of the site that was in the surrounding area of the Alameda de Santo António dos Capuchos, and the bases of two trees were further extended, thus promoting safe pedestrian mobility.