Antiga Igreja dos Anjos

Avenida Almirante Reis

The Igreja Paroquial da Nossa Senhora dos Anjos, also called “Igreja dos Anjos”, was originally a place for parochial services and was once set in Regueirão dos Anjos. In the year 1568, this church existed in invocation of Nossa Senhora dos Anjos, although the ecclesiastical parish had been created in 1563 by Cardinal D. Henrique. On January 11, 1908, the “Igreja dos Anjos” was demolished for the opening of the Avenida D. Amélia (currently Avenida Almirante Reis), according to plans for improvement of the city. It was, however, rebuilt on the western side of the then Avenida D. Amélia by the architect José Luis Monteiro, respecting proportions and welcoming the integral interior of the church of origin, conferring only a more neoclassical character. On March 11, 1910, the Igreja Paroquial da Nossa Senhora dos Anjos was inaugurated in the new and current location.