The next Arroios Parish Assembly takes place on September 7.

The ordinary session will be held at the Liceu Camões Auditorium, located at Rua Almirante Barroso, and will start at 8pm.

Order of business:

  1. Public intervention;
  2. Phase before the agenda;
  3. Reading, discussion and voting of the previous session’s 17 minutes;
  4. Consideration of the written information of the President of the Parish Council of Arroios, on the activity of the Council, pursuant to paragraph e) of paragraph 2, of article 9, of Law nº75 / 2013;
  5. Analysis, discussion and voting of the amendment to the regulation of the functioning of the Arroios Parish’s Participative Budget;
  6. Analysis, discussion and correction of the Contract of Delegation of Competences between the Lisbon’s Municipality and the Arroios Parish Council for the partial coverage of the Elementary School “O Leão de Arroios” playground;
  7. Authorize the conclusion of a Contract of Delegation of Responsabilities between the Municipality of Lisbon and the Parish Council of Arroios for the development of the Open House Program – Pilot Phase;