Convento de Arroios

Rua Quirino da Fonseca

The Convento de Arroios was founded in 1705, with the financial support of D. Catarina de Bragança. This place worked as College of the Jesuits until 1756, the year in which Marquis de Pombal determined its occupation by the Franciscan Conception nuns, who came from the destroyed Convento da Nossa Senhora da Luz in Carnide, receiving the denomination of Convento da Nossa Senhora da Luz de Arroios. Unoccupied in 1890, the year in which the last nun died, it began to function as a quarantine hospital. From 1898, it was called Hospital Rainha D. Amélia, and, in 1911, it became Hospital de Arroios. It was disabled in 1992.