Next Monday, November 20, the Military Academy swimming pool opens for free regime. You can check the schedule here. To attend this swimming pool you will have to acquire at any of the office branches of the Arroios Parish Council, the following documents:

– Free regime card (10 tickets of 1 hour each) = € 27.50

– Unit tickets (1 hour) = € 3

Both documents give access to both the Arroios swimming pool and the Military Academy swimming pool.

In the Military Academy, other sporting activities are carried out, stimulated by parish clubs. Handball practice is promoted by the Clube Desportivo Escolar Camões and is aimed at children from 8 to 13 years old. The practice of Out Fit is stimulated by the Lisboa Ginásio Clube and is intended for people over 16 years of age.

Those interested in attending these activities should contact the clubs directly.

The realization of these activities was only possible thanks to the protocol signed between the Military Academy, the Parish Council and the City Council, which contemplates the use of sports equipment in the Academy by civillians.


See the Military Academy pool schedule here.