Regueirão dos Anjos

The lands of Arroios were marked by the streams of Arroios (or regueirão dos Anjos), divided by the Colina de Santana, with fertile soils of vegetable gardens, meadows, olive groves and vineyard. The Igreja Paroquial da Nossa Senhora dos Anjos, demolished after January of 1908, was located in a place without movement, had to the left of the facade an arch that leaned against a modest bourgeois building. In this bow was the mouth of the Regueirão dos Anjos. Everything was demolished for the opening of the Avenida D. Amelia. With these works, the mouth of the Regueirão dos Anjos was below the level of the old Avenida D. Amélia, currently the Avenida Almirante Reis.