Taking into account the news published by various media regarding the foreseeable closure of the Socorro CTT Post Office located at Rua da Palma in Lisbon, the Arroios Parish Council intends to take the following public stance:

  1. The closure of the Socorro CTT Post Office at Rua da Palma, which has been confirmed, will bring enormous damages to the population of this area of ​​the City of Lisbon, especially for a significant part of those who live and work in the Arroios Parish.
  2. This decision, if implemented, corresponds to the continuation of a policy of limiting the population to access to essential public services, and it is also a disrespect of local authorities and their elected representatives who have not been heard in this decision.
  3. This closure is in addition to the closure of the CTT Anjos Post Office in September 2013, the consequences of which were not more serious because the Arroios Parish Council fought for the opening of a new post office in the Mercado do Forno do Tijolo, and whose expenses , which are close to 40,000 € per year, are fully supported by this local authority.
  4. The Parish Council of Arroios deeply regrets this action, and can not but be very concerned about the continuous degradation of the services provided by the CTT to the populations, with special impact on the people with more difficulty of mobility and accessibility to the services provided.
  5. The Arroios Parish Council appeals to the Government and to the parties represented in the Republic Assembly so that, within the framework of the recently established Work Program to evaluate the contractual responsibilities of the CTT, it takes all necessary measures to defend the populations and the public interest, conducive to the maintenance of the public services provided by the CTT, which are so important in maintaining social and territorial cohesion.