The Nova Vida project is one of the answers of the Arroios Parish Council directed to the homeless population that spends the night, or wanders, in Arroios.

Beginning on October 16, 2014, Nova Vida emerged after having identified the need for action in the face of a problem that is very present in the Arroios parish – the homeless person.

In order to intervene with this population, the Parish Council created a street technical team with the objective of identifying, signaling and forwarding all situations that require intervention within the parish.

The weekly tour takes place every Thursday between 9:00 pm and 11:00 p.m., with the starting place to be defined according to priorities or needs. The Nova Vida project is open to volunteer participation.

For more information, you can contact this Parish Council by email at geral@jfarroios.pt, by calling the number 218 160 970, or simply by going to the headquarters or one of our office branches.